IAS Charitable Cause 2017

The IAS has chosen - Georgia's Fund - raising money to help research into Neuroblastoma which is an aggressive form of childhood cancer.

Richard Morris of R. Morris Associates is an Industrial Property Consultant and a member of the Industrial Agents Society. Richard and his family set up a fund following the very sad death of their beautiful, bright and lovely daughter Georgia on October 11th 2016 aged 12 after an incredibly long and brave struggle to overcome cancer. 

The IAS has decided to support this fund, Richard and his family during 2017. It is called Georgia's Fund and is raising money to help research into Neuroblastoma, which is the particularly aggressive form of childhood cancer that cost Georgia her life.

Georgia's parents were not able to fundraise whilst she was alive as there was no treatment available anywhere in the world that would have helped her, above that which she received. So, they are determined to do all they can for the Georgia’s of the future so they might have more and better treatment options. Georgia sadly died of Neuroblastoma and they want to help advance research into ways of treating this disease. Many of you reading this will have children and may want to help beat the particular cruelty that is childhood cancer.

To this end they have set up "Georgia's Fund" in her memory. The vast majority of the proceeds will go to Children with Cancer UK and Neuroblastoma UK. The leading international expert in Neuroblastoma at Great Ormond Street, who oversaw Georgia’s care, has advised them in this respect. A small percentage of the funds will be allocated to an animal conservation charity, almost certainly wolf-related, which was Georgia's greatest passion during her life.

Georgia’s cheerfulness, courage and stoicism in the face of all the treatments, scans, tests and illness was truly extraordinary, and will inspire her family for the rest of their lives, as they miss her terribly.

Although her life was tragically short, Georgia touched a great many people through her incredible spirit and love of life, and her parents and brother will do everything they can to keep that alive in her memory by helping others like her. 

Georgia's Fund is a charitable fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund - Charity No: 1099682

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